Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) Manages Apartments For ROI And Safety Of Capital

Dealing with a number of real estate cycles over the years, Eugene Burger Management recognizes the need for creating and maintaining a highly motivated staff to constantly reach for the highest occupancy possible. They focus on high occupancy rates because this helps to create ROI (Return on Investment) and Safety of Capital. EBMC’s dedication is to providing a complete suite of apartment property management support and services, carried out by experienced and credentialed specialists.

The focus of Eugene Burger Management is on setting up effective operating procedures, obtaining package discounts on insurance and other items, instilling well-run maintenance programs. Their focus is additionally on monitoring resident retention programs and unit inspections to improve NOI (Net Operating Income) while enhancing, protecting, and preserving the property’s physical assets. The Company assures for competitive rents and properly looked after units. Additionally, they work to implement successful marketing and resident retention methods.