Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) Has Their Corporate Head Office In Rohnert Park, California

With close to five decades expertise in property management service, Eugene Burger Management operates from their home office in Rohnert Park, California. Since they established in 1969 in the Rohnert Park market, the Company has serviced the Greater Bay Area. The Company has 68 employees in this office who provide services to clients.

The headquarters office building was previously the Rohnert Park Library. This building sat unoccupied for a year prior to renovations starting. Eugene Burger and Lori Burger handled the renovation and they improved and enhanced the pre-existing architecture. They both did this while updating the building to present-day codes.

From their corporate headquarters, EBMC offers fee management of all kinds of commercial and residential properties. This includes mobile home parks, retail space, light industrial, warehouse, office, owners’ associations, and apartments. Additionally, ancillary services consist of bookkeeping, payroll processing, maintenance, leasing, asset management, and consulting as well as expert witness.