Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) Manages Affordable Apartments

Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) has been engaged in managing low-priced housing systems for people with below average income brackets since 1969 when the corporation started. These low-priced real estate projects focus mostly on low-income residential units including more than 250 real estate management projects relating to HUD or other agency-subsidized low-priced residential units. These low-cost apartment initiatives that Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) is involved in normally include several types of real estate suitable for rural, suburban, urban, high-rise, family, elderly, garden-style, or cooperative type of housing units. These kinds of real estate units normally include individual ownerships together with lender or government-agency ownerships. To make certain that compliance is maintained, especially with government agencies such the USDA Rural Development, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), and the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) utilizes its own Compliance Coordinator who is responsible for overseeing and assisting duties to guarantee total conformity to regulations.